Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey, have you ever wanted your own store? A sweet little storefront nestled in between some other lovely shops on a lovely street? Well, here is your chance! The space Right Next Door To Us is up for rent! It's got a lovely window in the front (one I wish we had, actually!) and it's just calling for a good shopkeeper to fill it with beautiful goods! If I had the space I would make it a fabric store. Or a book store. It would really be conducive to any kind of store you like...Would you like to be our neighbor? I hope so! If you want more info, just let us know and we'll set you up!

Granted, there aren't palm trees or brightly colored paint, but there is nice brick and awnings!


Dayna Desastre said...

Too bad this isn't five years from now... I want to open up a little vegan cupcake place in westport...

I need to graduate school first (yay kcai!)

bon bon girls said...

Hey now, no fair dangling a delicous cupcake neighbor in front of us! Now we'll be always be "If only she was ready to open her cupcake shop"
But yes, graduate first--bake later!