Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's time. I can feel it in my bones. Spring is slowly coming, which means one thing--Spring Cleaning Sale! It's time to move some stuff up and out, so let me tell you the fab discounts I've got for you.....

Apparel--All vintage is 30% off. All bon bon label clothing is 60% off!

Shoes--All shoes are 25% off, except these little puppies that are 60% off! They are so pretty, and would make someone so happy--but we only have one size left in each. If you are the Cinderella that would fit in these, do yourself a favor and buy them! a size 6
2 size 9's
A size 11
A size 10, but it runs big, so maybe an 11

Ibride Trays. You are beautiful trays, everyone loves you, now it is time to go to your new home. 40% off!

There are other things on sale too..MOR bath products, Papercloud lampshades, & all sorts of other things to brighten your day! Just remember friends, all items bought on sale are Final Sale!

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