Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's Day is A-coming..

Here are some of the fab Valentine's day stuff we got for our Vintage Valentine party last week--you've still got 4 days, so come by and stock up! All of the following items are locally made by the way!

Handmade Cards that double as ornaments
Hammered silver heart (and other shapes) earrings. $36
Grecian Vase (18) and pom pom flowers --they will last forever! The flowers are $5/stem (which is 2 poofs)
Delicious smelling bath fizzies in cupcake shapes $5
Heart barrettes. $10
Awesome Lego heart brooches $23
Heart earrings, red and black (in case you prefer a darker V-day) $20

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Jessie said...

Adorbs! I'll have to stop by!

Also, I blog awarded you today!