Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kdog= awesomeness

So, I've found that one of the first things people ask when you say you are planning a wedding is, "who is your photographer?" Well, it just so happens that when I am not slaving away at the bon bon, I am over at Kdog Photographers--a mere 2 doors down from us. And it just so happens that Kdog is doing my photography!!! Now, I know that there are lots of good photgraphers out there, but Kdog is not only super good--but super nice too! Anyway, I won't babble on about how lucky I am, or how good they are--I think their pics say it all..
So, I know you are all thinking--well, those people are beautiful! No wonder they are great pics. Well, let me show you exhibit one below. Now, there are plenty of you who know what I look like--and it's not this good. I was being the guinea pig for lighting and this is what Philip shot! Now that is talent--or magic, I'm not sure which...

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carie said...

you look like a model! love the new fabric and linen tape.