Tuesday, August 4, 2009

500th Post!

Calloo Callay!!! It's our 500th post today! Yowza, I hope I haven't bored you too much...Anyhoo, I decided that such a momentous occasion deserved a contest! Since sometimes it gets a little difficult thinking of fun things to post everyday, leave a comment with your favorite go-to blog and we will randomly select a winner. And what will this winner get? A secret box of bon bon fun, of course!


Jessie said...

Congrats!!!!! (And I second your thought about that cake looking delish!)

Jeanee said...

YAY! 500th post...

I hope I'm eligible to win a box of goodies!!! I have more than one FAv post though.

• Jan. 8, 2008 - Gallinao: those chicks look fierce!

• Sept. 18, 2008 - Ahh, shiny wallpaper!: ahh is right!

• Jan. 29, 2009 - Rebecca Thuss: ooohh... ahhh!

• Feb. 17, 2009 - How??: her cut paper art is AMAZING!

Ok... that's all!

Gallery32 said...

Congrats! What a milestone.