Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So the other day I watched a Twiggy bio on Youtube. It was awesome, she is truly adorable. Aside from giving a wealth of new dress ideas and an insatiable urge to find Ken Russell's The Boyfriend it also gave me the strongest every desire to chop off my hair!

Right now my hair is super long (for me) since I've been growing it out for the wedding--and also because I haven't had it this long since the first grade so i was curious. Lately though, it's driving me crazy and seeing Twiggy with her fabulous cut didn't help matters. However, curly hair like mine does not prescribe to super short (it becomes a fro) so, I guess I"m not cutting it. Yet.

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Steph H said...

Hang in there girl. J showed me your engagement photos and they are LOVELY -- all that curly red hair contrasted with your fab white complexion? To die for. I grew my hair out for my wedding too and had several near run-ins with a sharp pair of scissors before the big day but wound up keeping it long for months afterward. Ever do bangs? I'm hankering for a change myself, but curly girls don't always wear bangs well. Can't wait for next month! XOXO