Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I spent a little time today re-reading about the Cottingley fairy scandal. You all know about this surely? Well, if not, here is what happened (briefly!) in 1917 two young cousins in England borrowed a camera and took pictures of themselves with fairies. Somehow the existence of these pics leaked out and the Spiritualist movement, which was big at the time, decided that they proved to the world that fairies were real. For 4 years there was a huge debate on the pictures (more were taken by then) and even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was involved.

Anyway, in 1981 the cousins admitted that 4 of the 5 pics were fake, although the 5th one was real. And they insisted through the end of their lives that they really saw fairies in the garden. So, who knows, maybe they did. If nothing else, the pics are fun to look at...
This is the pic they said was real..

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Gallery32 said...

I have always loved this story. What whimsical and creative little girls. They could never get away with that today :)