Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giant Feathers!

So, I've been putting off the holiday spirit. After all, it's not even Thanksgiving yet! But then, with the mere dusting of snow this morning, my lust for all things White Christmas bubbled to the surface. While this is probably one of my very favorite movies, I do save it for the holiday season, so I don't see it all that often. But, it's a good one, with awesome costumes.
I found this clip for you all to watch, especially E!


Jen said...

I had never seen this movie until last Christmas with Kevin...so great! We certainly did not have any dustings here in STL...the girls would have been going crazy!

taylor said...

this is my absolute favorite holiday movie. i was just thinking the other day that i can't wait to watch it! "sisters, sisters..." too fun!

emily said...

you know, we should really just make these outfits. i mean, really, i think it's time!

bon bon girls said...

Jenni! How could you have not seen this movie until last year?? If only I had known I would have introduced you to it years ago! E: maybe after the holidays we can spend our time looking for bright blue lace and chiffon!