Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Kitty in the house...

I read this story over on sfgirlbybay, and it made me think of the little black and white kitty that seems to have come with our house. He seems pretty happy running around the neighborhood (but near such a busy street! careful kitty!!) and he enjoys sitting on the chairs on our porch and talking to our cat through the window. But I worry now that it's getting colder. And then J gives me a "don't even think about it!" look, and then a strict "it doesn't come inside!" --so he's all strict right? but I came home the other day to find a hoodie/old clothes pile put artfully together. When I asked what it was for he said" Well, if you're so worried about that cat during the winter I thought we could put this out there for him to sleep in--but that's it!"

I would wager that if we were to let the kitty inside, although I would be blamed, J would be the one who opened the door!

Isn't this a sweet kitty Anna has?

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Jen said...

What a sweet cat!
I also have a new family member, and she's got me wondering about her winter plans. My resident kitty brought her home ("hey mom, can my friend have some crunchies too?"). I'm thinking she will join us on the couch once the nites get colder.