Thursday, August 12, 2010

Studio Tour: Emetalworks

So, we are trying to bring you more exciting things to look at on the blog...regular features, you might say. Last Thursday we brought you a lovely House Tour, and this week we are bringing you a Studio tour!
This tour is pretty close to home, as it is E's--and is in fact in her home. Her basement to be precise. Yes, she has lugged all of that super heavy metalsmithing equipment down some rickety basement stairs to set up a cozy little workspace. And no, they can never move, because they'll never be able to get that equipment back up the stairs! Let's see what e keeps around to inspire her, shall we?
Here we have some rather scary looking equipment cheered up with the ever present Hello Kitty calendar. And an Andy Warhol cow bag that she got at a Warhol exhibit 20 years ago.
She's brightened the place up by painting all her metal cabinets a nice shiny red, and the walls a bright white.
This is her main workstation. Her desk is an antique jewelry makers station that she found in an old antique store. She got the painting last year, and is totally in love with it for its 1970's lake house look. You can definitely see it's influence in some of her work last year.
Her sketching desk is antique, it belonged to a friend of the family who was a federal judge. You can just see the fingers of her hand chair. Very cute, but not so comfortable.
Every studio needs a bookcase of inspiration!


Patchwork Architect said...

This is fun to see. You are one of the most interesting people I know.

andrea said...

awesome studio, thanks for the peek inside! Is your tree stump on wheels? also, Im jealous you have a sink. I have to run up the stairs to my kitchen or keep many bowls of water around!

emily said...

james - that's funny, i was thinking the same about you! (a little messier than the "craft" room, eh?)

andrea - i know! a sink is the last house i had a bucket! the stump is on wheels so that i can tip it over from time to time. Did you see that cap'n hook is the patron saint of soldering? but you knew that...