Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall 2011 inspiration

I was on a super sewing kick this weekend; finished two and 1/2 projects! More clothing for me, of course, with an eye towards a fall wardrobe. Needing a little inspiration I hopped on over to where I re-looked at the Fall 2011 collections. Here are a few that caught my eye..

Boots, bright dress and a swingy coat? Everything I love in one fell swoop.
I'm in love with sequins lately. Alright, I always love sequins, but especially in this 20's style. Not so much in love with the fur on the bottom though.
Ahh, beautiful jumpsuit! I love it, although I'm about 6 inches too short to pull it off. E could though, she looks fantastic in jumpsuits. Did I mention she got all the height in the family?
This one is a Kelly Wearstler. Love the 30's style and Peter Pan collar.
And now we hit Prada. I loved Prada's collection, although with the exception of the black swing coat above, I couldn't wear a stitch of it. I'm too hippy for drop-waist looks, but I can take inspiration in the fabric choices which are a Mondrian-esque. This is but a few of the delicious pieces from Prada, hop over and look at the coats which are gorgeous. (well, again, except for the fur)

And Marni. Quiet little Marni who always sneaks up on me with the best of fabrics and silhouettes. Normally Marni is mix-match heaven, but this collection was a little more toned down in that respect. They made up for it by bringing together suits and outfits of the most amazing prints. That pink plaid is to die for!

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