Friday, August 26, 2011

Wedding Dress

I had to share this with you; my friend Emily got married last month and made her own, fabulous, dress. This is not out of the ordinary for her, she has always been a sewist and in high school made an awesome embroidered prom dress. She had the advantage of having an amazing seamstress as a mom and learned all the tricks of the trade!

Anyway, isn't it a gorgeous dress? That is the best poofy skirt I've seen in a long time!
(And aren't they cute?)


bellananda said...

gorgeous! and she wears it beautifully!

betsy and emily said...

She does look fabulous doesn't she? I wish I could see the dress up close and personal, I'm dying to see how she shaped that skirt!

Megan said...

I adore her dress - and her shoes, too! Don't tell me she made those, too! ;-) Seriously, though: that skirt is divine. So sassy.