Friday, August 10, 2012

New Series! My favorite store

As a girl who is in love with retail, I am naturally curious to hear about others' favorite stores. So, to satisfy my curiosity as well as give these hard working small businesses there due, I decided to start a series on My Favorite Store.  Today Jessie from Style and Pepper is going to tell us about her favorite store...

Favorite Store: MackeyBlue in Hoboken, NJ

What makes it specialI love this little shop because besides being literally right around the corner from our front door, it's got the most amazing constantly-updated selection of vintage and antique home-goods, clothing and general treasures!

Favorite item you purchased thereFor our wedding anniversary this year, we bought this huge gorgeous wooden window with faceted glass panes and a charming patina-ed finish.  The 5th year gift is supposed to be made of wood, and so it was the perfect way to add something from the tradition to our home in order to celebrate such a milestone!

How often you visitIt's only open from Wednesday and Friday thru Sunday of each week, but the owner Karen, does a great job of making sure they have new pieces each week.  If I went that often, I would have any money left, but I can't resist stopping by at least once a month.

Check out MackeyBlue online...there are all sorts of enticing goodies on their website.

Do you have a favorite store you would like to share? Email me and let's tell the world!

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