Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So, did I ever tell you about the time I had dinner with Isaac Mizrahi?

What, I never told you the story? About how it seemed like a perfectly good idea to fly to New York to have dinner at his studio? A dinner prepared by the one and only Mario Batali? Yes, it seemed like a fine idea. 
See, Emily saw an ad in House and Garden magazine about an Design week they were hosting in New York. She immediately called to tell me that I should buy a ticket to dinner with Isaac (he being a long-time favorite) One thing led to another and the next think I new tickets were bought, and hotels were booked.
 The dinner was at his studio and there were roughly 30 people there. When I walked in and handed them my ticket they were all, "You are the girl from Kansas!" Indeed I was, and they were nice enough to give me a full tour o' the studio.
 There were flower-poodle centerpieces

A band
 People mingling 
 There I am at his table!
 and poodle ice sculptures
 And of course Isaac..
 And lest we forget, the one and only Mario Batali shown here offering me an appetizer, which I was happy to stuff in my mouth.
They were all very impressed that I decided to go his party on a whim. 

 Here I am with two random women..I think one may work at Crate and Barrel?
Anyway, everyone there was extremely nice and even though I am the most thoroughly awkward person in the world I think I managed to make it through the evening without totally humiliating myself. (I think)

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Sunflower Cre8tions said...

OMG that is AWESOME!!! Whims are good things to have every now and then.