Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Poufs and Pillows!

Poufs and pillows, the very words bring a smile to your face, don't they? So think of how happy your loved ones would be to receive them? A pouf to sit on, to rest their weary feet or to use as a side table. Or a gorgeous pillow for Lauren Allison designs to brighten up their sofa or bedroom.

Sure, you could probably make one, and by all means go ahead. But, time is a'flyin folks, and sometimes, it's more fun to buy it and be done!

By the way, in the bottom photo you can see a bit of a gold metallic small pillow. This is from Lauren Allison designs and it is gorgeous! My favorite. Come in and check out her work, they are all hand silk screened and hand sewn. The green peony is also her work.

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