Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stitch at Home Tee-Pee

I have just made the most fun project ever. I had fun cutting it out, I had fun putting it together and I have had fun gazing, sitting, and laying in it every since. It will be less fun when I have to give it away, but I think that it will be fun to see the look of wonder and delight on the face of my nephew. There better be wonder and delight, or I'm taking it back!

You see, I made a tee-pee, and I'm really pleased with it (in case you couldn't tell!)  I used the pattern from the Stitch at Home book, which is awesome because you don't have to draw out a paper pattern, it is all folding and cutting your large piece of fabric. The whole thing went together in one day (!) and was so much easier than I thought a tee-pee would be. Of course then I couldn't stop and added pom poms and flags to the tee-pee poles and had to make a cushion campfire as well.

I have plans to make one for e and I, but I'm going to have to size it up, since this one can only just fit me and one of the cats. By the way, the cats love it! I told J I was going to make some for them for Christmas and he looked at me like I had lost my mind. Maybe I have, maybe I will tee-pee the world!
Sorry about the dark photo, I was actually supposed to be at work when I was taking this picture, so I didn't have any time to mess with lighting.

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