Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lilymoon and new Library

We are happy to welcome Lilymoon, a wonderful artist, to our bon bon family. We found her some months ago but wanted to wait until the time was right to bring her to bon bon. To us, Lilymoon’s drawings are little bits of Spring, so we waited until the season was almost upon us, to get us in the mood. When asked about herself and her work, Lilymoon said, “I am 33 years old, I am a full time illustrator living on the island of Cyprus. I have been drawing all my life, mostly images inspired by imaginary stories that I write. At the moment I have a weakness for gardens, birds and the color green! My truest pursuit was (and is) discovering my own voice!” Go to the website to see the rest of Lilymoon's prints. (or come to bon bon)
Also, on Wednesday we got in a jillion new beautiful books. Come to the store, have a seat and check them out--it will totally be worth it!

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Steve Ballmer said...

I love this art, very nice!