Saturday, March 15, 2008

Oh, to be in England

Today I'm in the mood to walk through the cool marble halls and snoop through the collections of a museum. Not just any museum though, but the Victoria and Albert museum in London. I've been there before a few times, but did not even scratch the surface of their collections. Instead of up and flying to London however, I decided to comb through their website, something I haven't really ever done. Now I know how I've been missing out! There is so much great info on there on all their collections and current, past and future exhibitions! I first checked out the Golden Age of Couture exhibit website (sadly, this closed in January) and found not only pictures of the exhibition but interactive stuff too, like Design a Shoe or you could send in an "Elegant Dress" video of your favorite dress. So then I looked at the current exhibitions, China Design Now and Collaborators: UK Design for Performance -- awesome. My favorite (or course!) part of the site is in the Fashion and Jewelry collection where you can see the V&A's historical dress collection in 3-D. And there are a million other collections and exhibitions and I probably won't get through them for years and years, but I am definitely up for trying. (sorry if this sounds like a V&A infomercial--I just think it's really cool)

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