Thursday, April 24, 2008


So, on one hand I find these really cool, on the other they remind me of those creatures in Labyrinth that pop their heads off, which I've always found frightening.
Hello hippo, you should come live with me!

So I went to school with a lovely girl, Alanna Derocchi, who has turned into a ceramics genius. Around our house is all sorts of little bowls and trinkets that she has made but I hadn't seen her new much bigger work until recently when she sent pictures. I'm so impressed with what she is doing, I can't even say. Alanna is currently living in Long Beach, CA but is moving to New York soon and I'm campaigning to be the foster parent of the hippo--sure I live in Kansas City and the hippo is giant, but that doesn't mean it would be that hard to move does it? I don' t think so. Anyway, so when you are looking at the following pictures keep in mind that Everything except the carpet and wood paneling is made from clay. Pretty cool huh? The guitar case especially. Well done Alanna!

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