Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mary Blair

Hmm, I can't remember if I have introduced you to my favorite artist, Mary Blair. If I have, I apologize, if not--please enjoy!

Mary Blair was best known for her work with Walt Disney where she was a concept designer for some of their best movies, including Cinderella, Alice, and Peter Pan. She also did a lot of advertising work (Gold Ice Cream, Nabisco, etc) and even illustrated Little Golden Books--such as I Can Fly, the cutest book ever! She had an amazing use of color, I especially like the was she uses black backgrounds and seems to carve the color out of them. She also had that very flat quality to her drawings that you see in mid-century illustrations. Her most famous work, I think we all know--yes she designed the It's A Small World ride @ DisneyWorld. If you haven't been on that recently you may not realize how amazing it is, but I assure you it is a color/design extravaganza!

Anyway, she has been making a comeback within the last few years, as Disney has resurrected her concept drawings and has been producing some products with them. Last year (on my b-day!) they put out the book of Cinderella, all illustrated with her concept drawings, this year it will be Peter Pan and maybe next year Alice. Really, you should buy 2 copies of these books-one for reading and one for framing. There is another book out called the Art and Flair of Mary Blair that showcases all of her work, which is lovely to look at.

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