Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ahhh, shiny wallpaper!

If any of you have been to my home and have seen my bedroom, you know my love of metallic wallpaper. If you take a quick look at my bookshelf you will see my love of the British store/brand Biba--so imagine my delight when I saw that Barbara Hulanicki (the founder and designer of Biba) has come out with a range of metallic wallpapers. It is as if I have found my spiritual (shiny) home. Now, if only I didn't rent a house, I could wallpaper everything! Hmmm, Dining room?
Living room--wouldn't that be cool and lovely?
Foyer perhaps? It would lovely w/ my piano..
Bathroom definitely--does anyone else dream of a black-shiny-walled bathroom? Maybe it's just me...
Bedroom--even better if I could have that chair--otherwise known as my dream chair (someday!!)

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