Thursday, September 4, 2008

Obsession...(not the Calvin Klein kind)

I am obsessed. There are images burned in my brain that are never far from my eye and when I see them I want!!They are the knit dresses (and tights) from Rodarte. I could look at them all day. In fact, yesterday I did. I pulled up the pics on their (beautiful) website and stared at the details in the dress trying to figure out if is possible to make something even remotely similar (as I do not have Rodarte in my budget). And the tights, I'm desperate for them. But where could you find such a perfect spiderweb knit that is pre-run?

Is it the delightful knitti-ness of it? Is it the graceful ballerina-esque quality? I don't know--but Oh! Rodarte how you have cast a spell on me!
(this one is my fav...)

( ooh, chiffon action)--nice
Lust, lust, lust after the black knit tights and I love the sleeves/neckline.

These two dresses are examples of the perfect tulle/fluff skirt. (especially the shorter one on the left) If there was an encyclopedia entry on short fluffy skirt there should be a picture of these. I love the colors, although I am 95% sure that that particular fleshy tone would look horrendous against my own fleshy tone.

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