Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giant Ice Creams to Giant Spiders

Saturday was a big craft/display day here at the store, I took down (sadly!) our ice cream cone window to install a fun giant spider window! Look, it's legs are made with our legwarmers, and it has shoes on it's feet! If it wasn't on a web it would be a tap dancing spider!
Sorry about the glare--I'm a crappy photographer.. come see it in person!

Here are some other pics of E and I crafting away--she making knit hats for fall, myself making a flag/banner for my friend's baby shower! (by the way--banners are adorable, especially if you cut out the flags with scallop scissors. The down side? Scallop scissors will mangle your hand! ouch!)

E loves her Jimmy Johns drink! Why does she always make me put stuff on my head? And. why do I always do it?


Jessie said...

You girls are so fun! I drove by the store the other day, and totally LOVE the spidey display! Pretty darling that it's wearing shooooes!

carie said...

hey! congratulations about Pitch. I am throwing the second baby shower in a month and am fresh out of ideas for activities. Any cool ideas?