Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bells and birthdays

holy frijoles, I have been a distracted blogger lately. Sorry! I got a brand new digital camera for my bday (yesterday!) though, so now I'm sure you will all be treated to a million silly pictures I will take!

Until then, I wanted to share with you my new secret love----wedding blogs. In the course of beginning to plan a wedding I thought, I'll check out some blogs, and found the most beautiful DIY wedding sites. It just (once again) shows how amazingly creative people are! Anyway, check out these lovely sites (even if you aren't in the market for wedding things, they are very inspiring) and I'll go take some silly pictures for you!
(by the way, the adorable picture above is from Once Wed, how cute are the yellow shoes?)

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sara said...

ah! I was just recently thinking about DIY weddings, and wondering if there were any good resources. and here are some! thanks!