Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home at Christmas

I really like decorating for Christmas. I think I get it from my mom, who is a Christmas fanatic and used to go all out in decorating. However, working in retail kind of dampens down the enthusiasm somewhat when you have to break out your Holiday store in early November. By the time Thanksgiving comes around, you've already been holiday'd up for a month and it's not quite as fun to decorate at home. Not that I would ever let that stop me!

Here are a couple pics of some of the decorations going on at the homestead. It's certainly no Better Homes & Gardens vignette, but I like them!
This is my much longed-for aluminum tree. It's kind of short, so I put it on a stand to give it a little height. The color wheel was just changing to red when the pic was taken. It's nice to see from the outside when the curtains are open-The colors flashing from the wheel makes it look like there is some sort of disco going on in our living room!
Here are my favorite houses, normally I have them all grouped together in a neighborhood, but this year I decided to split them up (there is one more hot pink house) J has promised me that someday we can live in a glitter covered house, but I think that he was just saying that to placate me, so I will have to make do with these! I really cannot get enough of the glitter Christmas decorations-- at Anthropologie the other day there was a glittery velvet mushroom ornament, that was awesome! I'm going back after the holiday, when it will hopefully be way on sale.
Anyway, how do you all decorate for the holidays? Send me pictures, and I'll put them up for the next week!


Anonymous said...

oooh i love the little village of houses!!

anne charlotte said...

how about a glitter-covered clubhouse in the backyard? he can't say no to that!

bon bon girls said...

Ooh, a glitter-covered clubhouse, no one could say no to that!