Thursday, December 11, 2008

Luella Love

I feel like I have posted about Luella's Spring 09 collection before..only because I know I spent a whole afternoon drooling over it one day, so it stands to reason that I posted--but I don't see it, so here it is! I love it. A whole lot. It's pastell-y like the video I blogged about earlier, and I must be going through a phase because I just painted my bathroom a pink that would perfectly match this collection (and that video)! Anyway, enjoy more here.
I love the crazy floppy bow-hats she did with everything, and the gloves are great, I often wish that women still had matching gloves for all their outfits. There is something about wearing them that makes me feel so ladylike (which, we all know is so not true!)
I love the cascade of pearls out of this coat, but in this outfit I think the sea foam shoes are the real winners!

This dress is sweet, it makes me think of Betsey Johnson.
I bet this dress twirls like a dream.
If I thought I would look like that in those pants, I would never take them off. That stripe is so Mary Poppin's carousel.
Tiny stripy jacket? Sign me up!
Love the super stiff skirt. I have a dress I made like that--it's a bitch to sit down it, but looks awesome!
I'm not going to lie--purple and orange makes me so happy!
Also, the shoes in this show are fantastic. A round of applause to you, Luella!

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