Friday, December 5, 2008

Mark. Cosmetics party!

Don't forget that tomorrow from 12-5 Megan will be here with her Mark. cosmetics giving makeovers (& some samples) to all our lovely customers. I will undoubtedly buy a whole lot of lipstick and lip gloss as it is my weakness, and we've had some of the lip gloss samples here and it is Awesome!

Come to our party!!


citysage said...

You guys are always having the coolest parties! Wish I could be there...pick out something extra pink and glossy for me, k?

Have fun and enjoy :)

bon bon girls said...

I've already picked out the perfect pink lip gloss! And, I think she has glittery eyeliner, which is really my weakness so I'll end up with some of that too! Have a good weekend!