Wednesday, July 15, 2009

couture shows

So, as you know I saw Valentino on Sunday. Of course it was massively inspiring, but a wee bit depressing at the same time as it spoke about how the fashion business was changing and it's all about selling fragrances and accessories to keep the businesses afloat. Ugh. I realize that (especially now) there are a limited number of people who can afford to buy couture.

But if you could, wouldn't you? I mean, wouldn't you jump out of bed in the morning to put on your Dior 2 piece orange number? I would, and considering even if I could afford couture I would still have to have the store to keep me from going crazy, I would wear it to work. I wouldn't keep it for just special occasions, I think the best part of being able to afford couture would be to wear it every day like it's no biggie. I better go buy a Powerball ticket..

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