Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So, I felt like if I wittered on about Maisie Dobbs, then I had to come out with my love for Freya North. No she isn't the character in the books, she is the author, and although she doesn't seem to be published in the US, she is a bestseller in England.

Yes, they are girly books. Chick lit, if you will. I'll admit, I'm not a chick lit kind of girl really, but I happened upon her first book Sally in my apartment in London (there was a bit of a fight on who got to take it home, by the way, and no it wasn't me) and ever since I can't stop reading them! Neither can E, who has come over to the dark North side as well. They are written so well, with the characters really fleshed out and the situations so well researched that they are just a good read. (there are some quite dirty bits in each book to, just to warn you!) And, their candy colored covers look lovely when stacked all together.....

I normally order them on, but I've never really researched to find them here..I think it's worth the overseas shipping though!


freya north said...

wow - this has made my day! And you're right, thus far I haven't had a US publisher...but all that's to change shortly and Secrets WILL be available in the US in the near future.
I try to keep my website ( up-to-date, my facebook page too. It's such a thrill for an author to hear from happy readers. I can honestly say it's a more authentic 'seal of approval' than a month in the Top Ten list.
So thank you.
Freya N

bon bon girls said...

Thanks for such a lovely blog comment! I certainly didn't expect to come into work this morning to a comment from my favorite author--I almost fell out of my chair! It's especially funny since this morning I was scolding myself for bringing one of your books to work, when I knew that all I would do is read all day--but I just couldn't resist.

I'm so glad to hear that you finally have a US publisher, I have been trumpeting your books to all my friends, who love them, and I definitely think America needs a Freya outlet! Anyway, it has certainly made my day to find a comment from you on my little blog (to be honest, there was a little squealing involved between my sister and I). My only question is, how on earth did you find my blog??


Freya said...

Hey Betsy!
great to hear from you - I think you and I have a bit of a 'mutual-appreciation-society' going here!
It's a real pleasure for me to be able to extend my genuine thanks to readers like you - honestly. Now, to answer your question, I came across your cute-as-pie blog because the techno-genius who set up my website programmed something-or-other which shows me 'incoming links' to my site. (I'm a complete and utter luddite when it comes to anything like this - I'd much rather write by quill on parchment!!) So - that's how you and I came to meet...and very happy I am too.
ps: I did try to send this as as email but it wouldn't deliver. Grrr. Give me snailmail - or even better, pony-post, any day!