Friday, July 10, 2009

Donkey Kong

So, we didn't have a Nintendo or any other gaming system growing up and consequently I'm terrible at video games. One time I tried playing the Harry Potter xbox game he got me and I got stuck in a room 2 minutes into the game and couldn't find my way out. On our Nintendo (an original one) I will start playing and by the time he has gotten a drink and come back I've lost all three lives and he goes on to win the whole thing.

That however doesn't seem to temper my weird interest in having these Blik video game wall stickies in my house. No, there is no room in which the would match, and I normally am not a fan of big monkeys, but I seem to have a soft spot for Donkey Kong. Oh well, maybe when I master the video games I can get the stickers. (i.e. never!)

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wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker, are they removable?