Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belle Skirt class update

Hey, so I know I was all "Belle Skirt Class March 17th--Be there!" but it turns out that March 17th is St Patricks Day. Now, obviously this isn't a holiday on my radar and I would be happy to keep it this day but -- have you ever been to Westport on St. Patricks Day? Well, let's just say that we (and most other area businesses that aren't bars) close that day because the chaos is too much for us! And since I don't want my sewers to come out of class to find puke on their car I think we should switch it to the 18th. Same time, same place --one day later. Sorry for the confusion! Sign up now...816.756.0855

1 comment:

Jeanee said...

Yay! Now I can sign up ^.^