Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girl Scout jackpot

Lordy, I have just hit the Girl Scout jackpot! No, I'm not in GS (I was a Brownie for about a minute and a half and the closest I ever got to camping was watching Troop Beverly Hills) but I've been into the GS uniforms lately. Today I went on a little search to look at the different styles and was introduced into a super-glamorous Girl Scout world that I never knew about (because it was mainly in the 1940s) If this stuff was available, I would totally have stuck with it!

70's uniform--so cute..
The Mariner Girl Scout uniform, which I really would like to own.
Here is a 1928 uniform, which has a super nice cut, and if it were made of linen would be fabulous dress. And it has pockets, which is always helpful.
Awesome messenger bag

Although, most of the shoes were "Eh" (they were very practical shoes, and you know how I feel about that!) But these 1959 Brownie rainboots are totally calling my name.

I know you are thinking--where did she find all this stuff (and there is lots more to come) well I found it here..

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emily said...

are you wearing the gold girl scout necklace today?