Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Felt it!

I've been doing some research on felt for the store. Because we use it for everything, and could probably use it even more if we had the perfect kind. I was happy to see that happy fabric designer Heather Bailey is selling felt and was even happier to see her pictures of it. What can I say, I love to look at the end of rolls of felt...don't you?

Anyway, I'll let you know when the felt decision has been decided. In the meantime, E has been researching yarn. There are oh so many plans being made at bon bon!


capello said...

oh! let me know if you start carrying it. i'm trying to find some good felt but it's so hard to do over the internet w/o feeling it first, you know?

Patchwork Architect said...

Heather Bailey felt is very good. I have purchased from her before. Yes, it costs more, but so much nicer. I cut a yellow dress and a green shirt for the betsy pillow out of it (if you want to check it out- it's in the pocket of the pillow).