Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Since we're in the holiday spirit today I wanted to show you a sneaky peek of what we have hiding away for the holidays. For the first time we are going to do a proper Christmas shop with ornaments and glitter and all of those lovely little knick knacks that make everything so festive. Like our little pink glittery deer. Isn't she lovely?

Also, I actually have started working on some of our displays and here is a super close up of one. Can you guess what it is? No fair if you've seen me working on it!


Megan said...

I have no idea what your close-up is, but I am in love with the deer! It would go perfectly with the pink tinsel tree I put in the bathroom...Yes, my husband only allows me free reign in the bathroom because I'm apparently "gaudy". =(

Anonymous said...

I might have to steal your tree idea, I'm looking for some new decor ideas for this year!