Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sewing Class List!

New Sewing Class List!

Hello bon bons, and Hello Living Social-ers! Thanks for visiting us. We decided that today would be a great day to announce the exciting classes we have lined up for the new year! Of course we will be back with more details on everything, and we'll get it all online for you soon.
4th: Basic Knitting
7th: Emmeline Apron
18th: Knitting handwarmers
21st: Boxers and Bowties
28th: Basic Sewing
Capsule Wardrobe: Jan 12th -Feb 23rd (in this class you will make 5 pieces for a fun spring wardrobe!

1st Basic Knitting
4th: Belle Skirt
15th: Knitting a hat!
18th: Linen tote and Azuma Wrap
25th: Basic Sewing
25th/26th Colette Workshop!

4th: Eco Tote
15th Basic Knitting
18th: baby gifts
25th: Basic Sewing
28th: knitting legwarmers

1st: Anna Tunic
12th: basic knitting
15th: Off the cuff quilting
22nd: basic sewing
26th: Candy wrapper sachet
Capsule Wardrobe Summer Edition!

10th: Basic Knitting
13th: Sun Hat
20th: Basic Sewing
24th: Knit bath mitt
27th/28th: Liverpool shirtdress

7th: Basic Knitting
10th: garter belt
17th: Basic Sewing
21st: knit baby booties
24th: Granny Bag

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