Sunday, October 31, 2010

H.A.double L.O.double U.double E. N. spells Halloween!

Happy Halloween!
Well, I had hoped for more costume pics (I love to see people in costume!) but what we lacked in quantity we made up in quality!

Here are two adorable girls, do get see what they are? Sugar and a pumpkin cookie...yes, together they are Sugar Cookie! Apparently there is also a matching dad costume which involves a chef hat, rolling pin and giant pumpkin cookie cutter, but he was a little camera shy. Anyway, how cute are these girls??

Here is lovely Donna as Tarzana...doesn't she look ready to take on a lion?

And here is Ella (she takes our sewing classes!) dressed up as the red queen. She did buy the dress, but they made the cape themselves, how impressive is that?

And super cute Mimi (also a sewing class girl) and her sister Lilly as a bobbysoxer and pink dice. I loove the telephone skirt.

And finally, I broke out the clown costume my mom made me probably 15 years ago and I made J dress up as something, so he decided to go as Charlie Brown. This is Charlie Brown when Lucy takes away the football as he goes to kick it.

E did have a cat hat on, but I didn't get a pic of it. I'm happy to post more pics if you want to send them in..I love seeing what people do for Halloween!

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