Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alexander Girard Bikes

My VW is giving me fits. I just got off the phone with my car person who said I have to have a new coil pack and something. It sounded expensive, and it turns out it is. Boo. Maybe I should nix the car and ride a bike? Midwest Cyclery has had an Alexander Girard bike in their window that catches my eye every time I drive by.

MC has the red bike at the bottom, which I love. I think though, given a choice I would get the green with the sun. It just seems so happy. Which one would you choose?

**Tidbit! When e was little she had the coolest Pink Panther bike. It was (not surprisingly) pink with the pink panther's face on the seat. Tragedy struck when she left it outside in our yard and someone stole it. Who steals a child's pink panther bike?? Anyway after that we weren't much for riding bikes..

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