Thursday, May 19, 2011

House Projects

I had high hopes to finish a couple of sewing projects last week, but we had a slew of guests coming to stay the weekend so we had to focus power on home projects.

Aside from the requisite cleaning one of my goals was to get pictures on the walls. I finally put my Liberty Union Jack in a frame and hung it, as well as the awesome Ghostbusters poster my sister got me for my birthday in September.

J did some awesome poster work in his room, I'll put pics up of that later...

I stole these frames from my mom's garage, E and I couldn't believe that the green frame was the exact color of my walls. Perfect!
The bigger goal of the weekend was to do something with the gross drop ceiling in the back room. It was dirty and ripped and who wants to see a drop ceiling anyway?

So we covered all the tiles in IKEA fabric. We had quite the system down where J would chisel out the tiles and sweep off the crud on the back. Then they came to me and I cut the fabric to size, ironed it, glued it on with spray adhesive, and pinned it for extra support. Then they were back to J for installation. It went much faster than I expected.
And got some pics in the wall. Now instead of walking into a depressing room, it's much cheerier! We also did a little gardening, planted some pots and hung flower baskets on the porch (With the help of my expert flower guy, Dad!) Which cheered everything up nicely. I'll get pics of that another day, it's too rainy for it to look it's best.


Sharry said...

Wow, Betsy, I love that ceiling. You guys worked your tushes off for your lovely guests! I can't wait to see it in person! I'll give to lots of time to recover first!

Jen O said...

This before and after project needs to get sent to 'Designsponge' for their makeover posts, it's really awesome!