Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New fabric!

Well, the good news is we have fabric. Lots of it. The bad news is, well actually there isn't bad news, so hooray fabric! Would you like to see? Oh, sorry about the solid color pics...for some reason I can never get the color right on those. You'll just have to come in and see for yourself.

Here we have a lovely chocolate brown silk. The pattern in the fabric is made from an open basket weave which gives great texture.
This is a nice grass green cotton/lycra. It has a sheen side and a matte side..it looks great either way. The fabric is a heavier than a regular cotton and the lycra gives it a nice stretch.
This blue polyester is much more seafoam in real life. This fabric is very lightweight and drapey. It would be a great flowy summer dress.Now this fabric, I admittedly bought because I wanted it. I love it, it's so 70's Biba/art deco. E thinks I should do a coat out of it, but I haven't decided yet. There is plenty though and I'm willing to share if you love it as much as I do.

This is also a poly with a bit of stretch. In real life it is the most perfect lipstick red color..it comes off a little weird in the pic. It is a great fabric though and I love the thought of it in a dress.
And Nani Iro!! We got a shipment from Japan of a couple of Nani Iro fabrics, I'm in love with this gauze polkda dot.
And this knit which is admittedly a little pricey ($30/yd!) but one of the softest pieces of material I have ever touched. If you are making a baby gift you need to have this fabric.
And finally a little Alexander Henry to top the day off. So sunny, bright and perfect for May!

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