Monday, May 23, 2011

New Shoes!

I had a banner day last Saturday. My mom, her friend and I went to a art fair and had a nice lunch. Jonathan and I went to see a local production of Tommy at the Metropolitan Theater and...I got new shoes! I love new shoes, especially when they look like this..

Aren't they great? They are the perfect summer shoe for me, and came at the time when I realize that although I have a lot of shoes, most of them aren't meant for the summer. I rarely find good summer shoes form me because I'm not a fan of open toed shoes (By the way, your welcome. No one wants to see these toes) But these snappy little apple numbers are perfect. But I'll need more than one pair to get me through the summer so what to do? Here are some contenders.

I could always do the pink version. After all, they are adorable..and what's wrong with having two polka dotted pair?
Of course, the love of my shoe life Irregular Choice has some great options as well. This first pair with Asian inspired fabric and the lucite heel are gorgeous. But maybe too much shoe for the summer? A lot of red though, I don't have a lot of red in my summer wardrobe.

This is a great pair as well. I love the "straw" heel and the fabric body. Red again, but with enough gray/black that I could put them with anything. Now this shoe is just fun. I would be delighted to look down at my feet everytime I wore this shoe. I'm guessing I would do a lot of lounging with my feet up on my desk just so I could look at them. And they have so many colors that they would go with everything. My heart is sold, but my head is telling me to think about it before I go for it. There are just too many choices!
By the way, my polka dot shoes are Poetic License, which are available on the Irregular Choice website. If you are in KC though, run down to Bob Jones Shoes, that's where I found mine..


Ani said...

oooh, yum. i'm looking for a pair of irregular choice/poetic license shoes for my October nuptials. i'll have to check out bob jones after i take a gander at your selection... if you still carry shoes.

betsy and emily said...

Hi Ani!
Sadly, we don't carry shoes anymore (it kills me!) but definitely check out Bob Jones. I think I also saw a new shoe store on Grand (maybe?) I want to go back soon and see if I can find it...