Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Liberty

Surreptitious pictures. That is what J is best at..he loves the challenge of taking pictures so that no one notices. So, of course, he was on call during our trip to Liberty. I suppose the easier thing to do would have been just to ask if we could take pictures. But where is the fun in that?

Here is the Lib at night. We had to go and say Hello the first night we were there. You know, just to make sure it hadn't gone anywhere.

Some of you may not know that Liberty isn't just gorgeous fabrics, but is a huge gorgeous department store. I love the flower dept outside.

While everything they carry is beautiful, most of it is way to rich for my blood, so we hightailed it up to fabric. Here is the decorator fabric department. You can just see the nooks behind the hanging fabrics. They were full of gorgeous wallpaper samples. You can see some Lizzie Allen wallpaper hanging. So cute!

 And to the dress fabrics and notions! So hard to choose!

 And a quick jaunt through their Christmas department. I know, it seems a little early for that, doesn't it?

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