Wednesday, September 30, 2009

365 veggie

Although I could never be a proper vegetarian ( I have a deep love of cheeseburgers) I would say that 90% of my monthly intake of food is vegetarian. We rarely cook meat at home, and I am trying to be better at ordering healthier when we go out (instead of "A double with cheese and bacon please!") However sometimes it's hard to find good veggie recipes that aren't overly difficult and at the same time are exciting. But I think my problem is solved! I just spent 20 minutes drooling at the recipes of Fresh365. All vegetarian, all fun and (seemingly) easy! Now I know where to go to make my weekly grocery list!

And take a look at this Apple, Cheddar and Thyme galette--Yum!

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Jen said...

Thanks for the link! We eat very little meat here too (the meat we do it is grass-fed, and it's way too expensive to eat very often), plus eating veg. is better for the earth and all that jazz, but I always am looking for new recipes to find something that's fairly fast to prepare and kid-friendly. And the pics on the blog are so pretty!