Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The joys of home ownership..

Pros of home-owning (so far):
Everything is new and shiny
You can do with it what you like
Much more room and more fun layout
You get to buy a bunch of new decoratey stuff (I love new curtains!)
Your fiancee gets to live his dream of buying a Gi-normous bed (to be delivered tomorrow!)

Gi-normous bed goes in the bedroom in the basement. Where there is currently a mysterious plumbing/water leakage problem.
No one noticed during any of the many inspections that there were no phone jacks in the house (WTF? how does that even happen?)
We are currently sharing the house with a family of Brown recluse spiders, so we have to give all clothes/towels etc a shake so as not to be bit by killer spiders.

So far pros still outweigh the cons, but really--no phone jacks, how does that even happen? Anyway, I can't find any bedding for the aforementioned ginormous bed we are getting so I'm thinking of doing a duvet out of these two materials..unless anyone has any suggestions?

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emmyray said...

How big is the bed exactly? We used to have spiders, but fumigated for them three times and now don't have a problem. Old houses, comes with the territory.