Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, not only did I take last week off from blogging, but also from work. Therefore I'm having a little trouble getting down to brass tacks and working through the long to do list I wrote yesterday. Instead I'm eating rock-hard (but delicious!) pita chips that hurt my jaw, considering taking Aerial Fabrics classes (because how impressive would that be at a party?) and I have made it a personal goal to read this whole blog. Not in a stalkery sort of way, just in a amusing why not sort of way. So, to make up for this poor blog posting I'm putting up a cute pic of a seal from Cuteoverload.

Oh and here is a pic of aerial dancing, in case you didn' t know what it was... That doesn't look hard, does it? Ha!

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Jeanee said...

you are silly! marriage has clouded your brain (some more)