Thursday, October 1, 2009

They only took the grape anyway.

Hey you two boys who just came into the Bank of America, rapping like it is 1986 (you know, making backbeat noises like the guy from Police Academy) and walked up to the desk as hot as shit to steal....suckers. Oooohh. You guys are so cool. I mean, I didn' t know that anyone still made backbeat noises with their mouth, and to steal suckers? That are FREE? That's badass. I hope that serves you well in your life.

In other news, Oh my god it's October! Boots! Sweaters! Smores! Foliage! (that one was for you J. Too bad you don't read my blog) Irregular Choice shoes that have the Union Jack and a Heart on them that practically say, Betsy you looove England and shoes and you should have me! Oh the excitement of Fall! Is anyone else stoked about this, or is it just me?I should have these right?

1 comment:

emmyray said...

I've been stoked since the middle of summer.