Wednesday, October 14, 2009

dining out in Seattle

So, since it is lunchtime, and I am starving (and of course have nothing to eat) I thought I would taunt myself with all the deliciousness that was our eating in Seattle.
These were the best. donuts. ever. They make them for you to order so they are warm and delicious, but to top it off they serve them with mascarpone cheese (which is basically a thick cream) and some sort of homemade jam. I would go back to Seattle just for these.

On Friday the first thing we did after checking in to the hotel was head down to Salumi, which is run by the Batali family (yes, of Mario Batali) and specializes in cured meats. I know, you are thinking..salami? You went especially to eat salami?--I know, I surprised myself. But you know, you see something on the Food Network and it sticks in your mind, so what the hell. As we waited in the surprisingly long line (considering it was almost 3) I was iffy about the whole salami thing, and figured I would stick with something else--maybe try the veggie. Until one of the Salumi workers took pity on us and brought us out samples of the oregeno salami. And my mouth did a dance of yumminess. It was so good! And no hard bits! And there is a delicious garlicky sauce, cheese and bread! I had no idea that there was such goodness in the cured meat world...thanks Salumi!
Macaroni and Cheese. What else can I even say? It was from Beechers in Pike Place Market. They make there own cheese, and I also had a crab and cheese panini. I was so excited to get that macaroni and cheese in my mouth that I burnt my tongue..and it was totally worth it. It was warm, creamy and the cheese had an amazing flavor. Hooray cheese!

Sorry about all the food posting, but I think the food is an integral part of any good vacation. It's too bad my picture of the bread with roasted garlic and blue cheese spread didn't turn out--it was awesome and we reeked (gladly) of garlic for days. Probably still do..

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