Friday, October 2, 2009

Plush You!

Get ready to be jealous folks, because not only do I get to go to Seattle next week, but it happens to be the weekend of Plush You! Yes, I get to go to an entire exhibition of awesome Plush fun, whilst enjoying the views and food of Seattle..and Faythe Levine is also going to be in town screening her movie Handmade Nation. And I'm totally going! (unless tickets are sold out, then I guess I'm just going to stand in the lobby and try to listen to it through the doors) Hooray for Seattle and Plush You!


Jeanee said...

Have fun!

Faythe Levine was a work awhile ago and we saw Handmade nation here. You'll love it!

sandi said...

Wow have fun!!! Oh I'm so jealous! Enjoy the Plush You Shows and take some pictures! :-)