Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So last Saturday, while getting ready to go to a wedding, I exploded into a misery of I Have Nothing To Wear! Now, at first glance of my closet room where I have 2 full racks of clothes and a dresser full, you might say that I have plenty to wear. And I guess you are right, But I have had it all forever and I'm so tired of everything. (really, I don't shop ever so the only thing that is under a year old is a sweater I got for my bday). Anyway, so on Sunday e&I went on a shopping binge only to find...nothing. (well a vintage skirt)

There doesn't seem to be anything new in the clothing world, does there? No new silhouettes, nothing exciting. We came home kind of depressed, and I spent the evening trying to find something online. Nothing. Not until I started looking at the Spring/summer 2010 shows and came across Viktor & Rolf. Aaaaahhhh, now that's what I talking about! New, Exciting, colorful! Tulle!! Now that it has rebalanced my equilibrium I just have to go find something that I can wear every day that is as exciting..... Thanks Viktor & Rolf!


anne charlotte said...

that red one looks like cheese!

those are awesome, you always find the best shows!

Jeanee said...

I saw this on another blog, but you show more pics. It's amazing!!!