Thursday, September 3, 2009

SW restoration colors

So, I've found that picking out the paint is a whole lot more fun than actually painting (ugh! Taping and one, 2, sometimes 3 coats, and dragging a dropcloth around with you...) However the picking out can also be a little overwhelming when you wander up to the color wall at the local paint store. I have to say I was totally taken by the Sherwin Williams preservation palettes.

They have the Suburban Modern, Arts & Crafts, Jazz Age, Streamlined, etc. And since I was looking for more vintage-y colors they helped me out a lot.. and they come in cute little brochures. I'm such a sucker for packaging..

So the Suburban Modern was my fav, but it's quite a bit brighter (all those delicious 50's colors) and I was going for something a little darker for the main rooms. However I'm using the pearl gray on my walls for the sewing room and after the holidays E and I are going all Dorothy Draper on it with super wide pink stripes and chartreuse shelves...

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