Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Sewing Classes

Happy April!
It feels like after waiting and waiting for March to get here, it then flew by..I guess that's how it goes. Anyway, it's time to mark your calendars for our April sewing classes!

April 5th, Knitted Coasters

April 15th, Whale Applique Pillow This pillow is nice because it is simple, but you also get to learn how to do applique, hand stitching, and you get to work with velcro which is always a good time! Also, you don't have to do an whale if you really don't want can do anything you want, really. I don't suggest an octopus though, that's a lot of legs to stitch around!
(one time I appliqued an octopus holding an ice cream cone in each arm on a baby took a while. If I knew then what I know know, I could have made it a lot quicker (and nicer!) ah, the wisdom of age. It was still cute though..)
April 24th Baby Snugglie--the top picture is a sample that Jaime made, but since we didn't have a baby to put in it, I thought you should see the picture in the book...shouldn't every baby have a soft cocoon like that? You'll never have to buy another baby gift!

Hope to see you there! Call us to sign up!


Jen said...

My little lady was the proud recipient of that awesome octopus blanket, and it is lovely. It has prompted many discussion of aquatic ice-cream consumption:-).

betsy and emily said...

I'm glad that octo blanket has inspired such spirited conversation!